Primal Rage 11/3/2023 SOLD OUT/PASSED

Primal Rage 11/3/2023 SOLD OUT/PASSED

Primal Rage is an energy we each experience, yet most of us suppress. When rage is not expressed it is often internalized and directly towards oneself. This leads to a variety of psychoemotional and physical illness that when not addressed can worsen into patterns of self destruction. 

Join Chandra “CeeCee, Campanelli, RN, HN-BC, HWNC- BC for a an evening of self exploration and expression of rage. Utilizing Archtypes, elements, movement, breathework, meditation and discussion, we will create space for rage to be honored. By allowing, expressing, and sharing rage in a safe, supportive environment, we can tune in to what it is so desperately trying to tell us. In community, we heal.

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